James Mccallion


I offer you a new way
of life by helping you
understand the process
of your training

Everything you
need in one app

Nutrition guidance, tailored programming focusing on mobility, core priming and then the main session bespoke to your goals. Regular check ins with you so you do not lose sight of the journey at hand, re-engineering from long, medium and short term goals and celebrating the small wins along the way.


James Mccallion

I have qualified in several courses based on training the mind and body, most recently the functional fitness certification. This highlights the importance of being able to move well before moving more, with a focus on mobility causing all people I train to be able to move pain free.

My goal is to educate, inspire and motivate everyone to be a better version of themselves not just in the physical attributes but their mental mindset as well.
I am a true believer that if you start with your mind and make that primary then the body can achieve anything with the right direction and support along the way.

The body achieves what
the mind believes